Why Should I Become a Teacher?

Every teacher makes a difference. Whether you illustrate subtraction to a 2nd grader, help a high school sophomore discover cell mitosis or guide two middle school students through conflict resolution, you’re influence will be felt for a lifetime.

Ignite learning

You can see it in their eyes, that “aha” moment when a quadratic equation comes into focus or they first write that tricky polysyllabic word in a sentence. Washington students are like flints, ready for the sparks to fly!

Positively impact the world

Knowledge comes from understanding. Your guidance, facilitation and example engender the future citizens of their world.

Your true calling

Are you someone who thirsts for information, perspectives and intriguing dialog? Teaching sounds like your destiny.


Why should I Teach in washington state?

Teaching young Washingtonians provides an opportunity to work with a curious and creative population while surrounded by one of America’s most dynamic landscapes.

Living In Washington


One priceless benefit of teaching in Washington State is working with peers who share the excitement of educating our youth within a vibrant environment.


Headshot of a Kennewick teacher with an orange background

“Washington has an ocean, desert, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, rainforest and all these amazing things. The people are like that too – the diversity is so great and awe-inspiring. Why would you want to teach anywhere else?”


Alfredo Arroyo
Kennewick School District

Photo of students in a lesson with a teacher

A Love Letter to Teaching

Need inspiration? Read veteran educator Laurie Barnoski’s EdWeek column to feel inspired and learn why she fell in love with teaching.

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Learn more about the various pathways to earning your teaching certification and jobs available across Washington state.